Music production schools online, What is sound engineering, Best audio engineering schools
1-on-1 Coaching & Mentorship
With Samori Coles
If you're a home recording engineer or producer ready to elevate your knowledge and skills in the craft, build a plan for monetizing your abilities, and learn the inside secrets from an audio professional with more than 20 years of practical experience, I can help you achieve your goals.
Music production schools online, What is sound engineering, Best audio engineering schools
Unlike many audio "experts," I don't believe that you have to use a specific DAW or a specific plugin to improve your sound and effectiveness. You just have to understand the fundamentals of the craft and I will teach them to you, allow me to explain...
Music production schools online, What is sound engineering, Best audio engineering schools
This is more than tutorials or course downloads. It's one-on-one training and mentorship.
To truly excel in audio engineering and music production takes a solid understanding of the tools, techniques and overall science used to deliver professional quality projects. It also takes a mentor to guide you along your journey. I am the mentor that will educate you, answer your questions, and listen to your projects to assess your progress.
I will provide training and mentorship in your DAW, studio setup, mixing, mastering, music theory and so much more!
The first step is to truly get a grasp of the Hows, Whats and Whys of the craft. Whether your focus is Audio Engineering, Music Production, the Music Business, or a combination, we'll start by determining where you're at, and ensure that you have a plan and solid foundation from which to grow and develop.
Whether you're an absolute beginner, or intermediate-level audio engineer or producer, once the fundamentals are covered I'll analyze your projects (or provide projects) in order to coach you toward your transformation. We'll cover techniques, workflows and processes that will aid in your growth and development.
Maintaining Momentum
Once you've got the fundamentals and are realizing progress in your audio productions, I'll help you to maintain momentum through regular project exercises and challenges that will enable you to produce at a high, commercial-quality level. I'll be the consistent support and guidance when you need it.
Music production schools online, What is sound engineering, Best audio engineering schools

Fred Scevoli, Performing Vocalist and Guitarist

“Meeting and working with Samori Coles has been a life changing
experience for me as a recording engineer and as a
Singer/Guitarist. Samori built my skills and my confidence. At his
audio recording school I was known as the student that recorded
a full album of myself doing rock covers while taking the course!!

Graduating from his school got me tons of gigs and ultimately a
position at a Philadelphia recording studio. Thank you, Samori,
for believing in me and helping me to develop my potential as a
musician and an audio engineer.”
Work With Me
You're ready to end the stuggle and overwhelm that you've been facing in your efforts to improve your audio engineering and music production skills.

You're ready to have a mentor that will impart the knowledge and training that you need to build a career in the music industry.

Online, remote one-on-one sessions with an industry veteran with more than 20+ years of practical experience is just a couple of steps away...
Producer school, How to make music, Audio Engineering school
I'll be there to answer your questions, and ensure that you understand the hows, whats and whys of your DAW, recording setup, mixing, mastering, music theory, and so much more. The FIRST STEP is to schedule a call...
During your 'Breakthrough Sessions' you will:
Learn to effectively use your DAW so that you can optimize its capabilities and streamline your production process.
Complete a goal assessment to develop a PLAN and training strategy that is most ideal for your specific needs.
Submit your projects for REVIEW and analysis in order to better understand how you can improve your sound.
Have your QUESTIONS ANSWERED and a game plan for achieving your goals in the music industry.
Producer school, How to make music, Audio Engineering school

Matt Bar, Founder and CEO, Bible Raps

"As a business coach, he helped me envision the expansion of Bible Raps with challenging exercises and sometimes difficult questions that needed to be asked. 

Now, I'm happy where I am and where I am headed in 5, 10, and 20 years, both as a business and an artist.”

Felicia “Friishay” Ricci, Recording Artist, Renowned Voice Coach 

“Working with Samori was instrumental to my developing my confidence as a producer and artist. I’m glad I met [him] when I did. I feel empowered now to be truly be creative.”
The Packages
Depending on your needs we'll work
together in one of three ways:
Discovery Call
Complimentary Assessment
FREE/15 minutes
In this call we will seek to better understand your goals, assess your needs, and determine the best solution for your transformation.
1-hour intensive call
One Session
$99 24% Discount
$75/1 hour
Complete a goal assessment and provide TRAINING and/or troubleshooting on the topic that is most pressing for you.
focused private coaching
12 Sessions
$1,188 41% Discount
$697/12 hours
or 3 installments of $269
Complete a goal assessment and develop a COMPREHENSIVE training and mentorship program that will fast-track your growth and development

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