How to Copyright Your Music
Includes step-by-step video tutorials for using the online copyright registration system.
  • How to ensure that you're paying the most affordable rate to copyright your song(s)
  • Your rights as a copyright owner
  • The two types of copyrights that you need for your song(s)
  • How to cover another artist's song
  • The difference between copyrights, trademarks and patents
  • How to copyright an entire catalog of music with one application and one fee
Plus, you will get step-by-step, video tutorials for registering one song or multiple songs using the online federal copyright registration system.
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KAYXRAW, Recording Artist, Founder of The Music Production Company

"Working with Samori has been an eye opening experience. I’ve learned so much about the music industry and the direction that I want to go in as an artist. The course has helped me to gain skills that will help me be my own boss and conduct business with other music professionals."

David Senos, Musician, Audio Engineer

"I have been more than delighted with this course. Samori is a top-notch teacher and mentor with decades worth of knowledge at his disposal. Every time I finish a lesson, I feel a bit smarter, more driven, and excited to learn more. I highly recommend this course, and I look forward to more."
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